Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Famous Sips, Bites and Sights!

 A few years ago, a good friend of mine, Timothy Miller, wanting to explore the possibility of starting his own tour company, took me and another friend on what Tim would eventually call his “Land of Lincoln” tour. Without a doubt, it was one of the best tours I have ever taken! Basically, I was treated to a private tour by one of the best tour guides in the business. Not only did we laugh nonstop, and eat all the pie we could get our hands on, but I was emotionally moved by the experience of exploring Lincoln’s life from birth to death.

We all met up in Louisville, eager to take in this iconic city noted for the Kentucky Derby, baseball and Bourbon!  Tim had arranged for us to take a sightseeing tour of the city, but not just any tour but one that I rave about to this day!  Little did I know we were going to spend the next few hours having the time of our lives! The bus, hosted by two hilarious ladies, was decorated like grandma’s parlor with lights, bunting, tablecloths and an array of bourbon bottles that would make a hillbilly cry.

Advertising themselves as having “…a completely wacky 3 ½ hour historical tour of Louisville…full of music, commentary and laughs” proved above and beyond true! We sampled local foods like pecan pie and all manner of southern tasty treats in between stops and we stopped often! We toured a bourbon shop, a chocolate shop, historic downtown, several streets of Louisville’s Victorian mansions and finally ending up at Churchill Downs—all the while sampling every whiskey Kentucky ever made! At the end of the tour we were feeling no pain and our insides were exhausted from laughing! Honestly, if you have the remotest chance of being anywhere in Louisville’s vicinity, book this tour. You will never regret it! 

Candy is Dandy!

First stop on the tour was for candy! This confectionary store
 has been in business continuously since 1891!

A Sweet Business!
Schimpff's Confectionary, Jeffersonville, Indiana

Back on the bus for another sample of boubon...!
Tim and his favorite fire water!

Boubon shop…more whiskey…more food dipped in whiskey…

And, that's a Big A** bottle of booze!!

On to the Chocolatier...and more bourbon...and pie!

Louisville's Victorian mansions

Some of the GORGEOUS Victorian homes in historic Louisville! Lucky for us we got to walk around to fully experience this lovely street and park while enjoying the cool, fall air. It was a rainy and overcast day, but we didn't mind a bit!

These are just some of the many lovely homes on this idyllic street!

Downtown Louisville 

A real treat is visiting the Louisville Slugger Museum and its GIGANTIC bat!
(photo courtesy of the Museum)

Many of Louisville's original buildings have been lovingly restored! Scrolled ironwork is a signature Victorian ornamentation on the buildings.

Preserving the beautiful historic facades of Louisville!

Churchill Downs 

"Race? What race, was there a race…?" Our last stop of the day was Churchill Downs and needless to say we were feeling no pain! It had gotten quite rainy, but we could have cared less especially when we learned we were just in time to see a real horse race! I knew that this would be a once in a lifetime experience for me and I was on cloud 9! What a fantastic day!

He didn't win but hey! the track was wet!

The Three Amigos!
Timothy, Thomas and me, always searching for a decent cup of coffee and another
slice of pie!!

Next time:  On to the Land of Lincoln!!

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